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You Have Been Warned – new series starting soon!

622586_438121846296600_1621043769_oGood news for science fact fans! Our new series of You Have Been Warned starts next Monday on Discovery Channel UK, 8pm

The first episode “License to Thrill” kicks off 10 weeks of the silliest / insanest / most interesting science on the internet, dissected live on your tellybox by me, Matt Parker, Suze Kundu, Simon Pampena, Tom Wrigglesworth and many more.

Series 3 is going out first in the UK, Europe Africa & Middle East, then in Asia from mid-October, in Latin America from November, and finally in North America next year – under the title “Outrageous Acts of Science” – same programme, difference voiceover accent. Hope you can catch some of it! 

My Rollercoaster Face – and No Cause for ConCERN

rollercoasterfaceQuick news update: my piece about the physics of rollercoasters went out on BBC Two series Coast last night – which means you can watch the whole episode on iPlayer for the next 5 weeks!

I’m on at the very start, and the very end, but if you’re short of time (or can’t get iPlayer where you are) just watch a clip of the final ride here.

And, in a coincidence that almost defies the laws of physics, the “No Cause for ConCERN” gig I did in Geneva last month went online at the same time. Watch the whole thing here – or if you just want to see my sets, skip to Slide 22 / 53 minutes in, and slide 76 / 2 hours 50 minutes in. Though if you have the time, it was a treat to see the other acts Chella Quint, Big Van Theory and three fantastic CERN scientists trying stand-up for the first time. Funny stuff! And guaranteed to make you smarter. Maybe.

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