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Newsletter out today: TV shows, new live dates and a podcast story

Helen ArneyMy latest infrequent-but-interesting newsletter came out today – you can read it here or (even better) sign up to get the next one here.

It has dates and times for some bits of TV work that were filmed about 9 and 12 months ago respectively… a short piece about rollercaster physics for BBC2 Coast, and also 4 episodes of “Stewart Lee’s Alternative Comedy Experience” for Comedy Central. Please do tune in and let people know about the shows!

In other news, I’m doing a few work in progress gigs at the Camden Fringe this August, plus there are a host of new material nights from Festival of the Spoken Nerd as we start work on our 2015 Edinburgh Fringe and UK tour show.

More tiny news treats are at the bottom of the newsletter, but I’m not writing them out here, you’ll have to click the link to find out what they are!

How The Victorians Ruined The World


Flushing toilets, tube trains and Christmas trees are just some of the finest legacies of the Victorian age… or did they bring a global sanitation crisis, middle class rush hour misery and annual family feuds over the remains of a chocolate selection box?

Find out in a one-off show I’m hosting with my sister, the science writer and broadcaster Kat Arney. We’ve put our sibling rivalry aside long enough to ask “How The Victorians Ruined The World” in a show that respectfully begs to differ. Buy tickets here!

Two top-notch guests are joining us in Hackney on Wednesday 16 July: Environmental engineer & toilet expert from UCL Sarah Bell, plus historian & author of “The Victorian Guide To Sex” Fern Riddell.

About half the tickets have already gone, so buy yours now if you want to be there to discover “How The Victorians Ruined The World” (if indeed they did…) and have your chance to vote how you would change it back!

NB Voting restricted to male landowning gentry registered before 1819

DRESS CODE: Victorian attire is welcome but not obligatory. Wrists, ankles and piano legs must remain covered at all times.

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