Did The Victorians Ruin The World?

Flushing toilets, tube trains, the theory of natural selection and Christmas trees in every home. Just some of the finest legacies of the Victorian age…

…or did they bring a global sanitation crisis, rush hour misery, Creationists and annual family fights over the remains of a chocolate selection box?

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** LISTEN NOW ** Helen and Kat wrote a five-part comedy series based on this show for BBC Radio 4, and you can hear it on the BBC website now.

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Comedian Helen Arney (Festival of the Spoken Nerd, BBC2 Coast) and science writer and broadcaster Kat Arney (BBC Radio 4, Naked Scientists) have put aside their sibling rivalry to dissect the dark underbelly of this “golden” era. Prepare for history to meet hilarity as they combine sharp wits, true facts and tiny top hats in a show that respectfully begs to differ.

Did The Victorians Ruined The World? Tune in to decide, and – if you catch one of our live shows – can vote for how you would change it back!

NB Voting restricted to male land-owning gentry registered before 1819