Voice of an Angle

About the show

Le Geek, c’est chic! An award-winning hour of stand-up science, songs and silliness from the UK’s premiere Geek Songstress, Festival of the Spoken Nerd-ette and purveyor of the finest musical comedy. Prepare for twisted tales of cryogenically frozen romance, the real story behind Schrodingers cat and biologically accurate R’n’B, before finding your own Voice of an Angle in singalong that takes you to infinity (and beyond!).

‘If the show was peer-reviewed, it would get full marks.’ (Fest)

**** ‘Scientifically verifiable songs and statistically significant laughter… she delights the audience with her pitch-perfect humour… Hugely entertaining, clever comedy at its best’ (The Skinny)

‘Your toes will tap as your sides are splitting’ (Metro)

Read more about Helen Arney here, and download images here. To book this show, please contact Sophieclaire at Noel Gay.

Semi-finalist, Amused Moose Laughter Awards
Winner of the 2012 Buxton Fringe Award for solo comedy performance

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More reviews from Edinburgh Fringe, Soho Theatre and Norwegian Science Week

‘An all-round smartypants, Arney is on a one-woman, almost Renaissance-like mission to reunite her two passions of music and science… a collage of geekily themed projections and songs… the confidence and clarity of Arney’s performance (both spoken and sung) are exceptional. Comedy for your inner mathematician?’ (Daily Telegraph)

****  ‘Lots of distinctive laughs… an intelligent mixture of her now trademark song, gags and science all bound up in a stylish package… Classy stuff’ (Chortle)

‘In Voice of an Angle, Arney proves she is both funny and clever… Betraying any lingering stereotype of the shy, über-bookish geek, Arney is very at home with a busy crowd and her loose chatting and affable self-deprecation recalls similar speccy-nerds, Richard Wiseman and Jon Ronson. It’s heartening to see yet another stand-up join the ranks of those who prefer to display intelligence rather than low-rent prejudice on their sleeve.’ (Scotsman)

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