Lab Notes: Songs of Science

A joyful hour of the world’s most scientifically accurate songs – performed live!

A natural selection of statistically significant comedy songs from geek songstress Helen Arney, science troubadour Jonny Berliner and actual cosmologist Andrew Pontzen. As individuals they’ve been heard on BBC Radio 4’s Infinite Monkey Cage, Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast and in Festival of the Spoken Nerd, but together they create a celebratory Venn diagram of science and song, using only the most precise scales and finely tuned instruments.

“Great geek comedy set to music that – without you really noticing – explains anything and everything from dark matter to love”

Penelope Hill, Cheltenham Science Festival

“Lab Notes had me tapping my feet and scratching my head as a barrage of science facts and sweet music was my afternoon treat. All the performers were note perfect and the audience loved it!”

Audience member, British Science Festival

“Geeky, informative, musical fun – I found myself tapping my foot along to this upbeat science lesson”

Helen Rawicz, Cheltenham Science Festival

These songs are outliers you don’t want to dismiss. Since their first performance together at Cheltenham Science Festival, the trio have performed Lab Notes at the British Science Festival and Royal Society Summer Exhibition and will be performing more shows soon.

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