A ship full of Helens and other news…

I’ve just sent one of my infrequent newsletters (read it here) featuring such excellent events as “The Night That Launched A Thousand Ships” – my fundraiser full of science, stories, sea-faring and Helens on the Cutty Sark – and more live shows coming up soon.

You can also read the latest news about our Podcast of Unnecessary Detail, get a discount on Spoken Nerd DVD if you work in education, hear about my periodic table of puns and how I persuaded an actor to dress up as a motivational Zumba giraffe at the Natural History Museum and perform my “Evolution Disco” show last month.

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Helen Scales, Helen Czerski, Helen McDonald, Helen Farr, Helen Pilcher and Natalie Haynes on the Cutty Sark this Sunday night
Janina Smith as a giraffe